reaches, reaching, reached
1) VERB When someone or something reaches a place, they arrive there.

[V n] He did not stop until he reached the door...

[V n] When the bus reached High Holborn, Tony rang the bell and they jumped off together...

[V n] He reached Cambridge shortly before three o'clock.

get to
2) VERB If someone or something has reached a certain stage, level, or amount, they are at that stage, level, or amount.

[V n] The process of political change in South Africa has reached the stage where it is irreversible...

[V n] The Belgian player Eduardo Masso has reached the final of the Dutch Open in Hilversum...

[V n] We're told the figure could reach 100,000 next year.

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3) VERB If you reach somewhere, you move your arm and hand to take or touch something.

[V prep/adv] Judy reached into her handbag and handed me a small printed leaflet...

[V prep/adv] I reached across the table and squeezed his hand...

[V prep/adv] One day while he was bathing in a river, he reached up for an overhanging branch.

4) VERB If you can reach something, you are able to touch it by stretching out your arm or leg.

[V n] Can you reach your toes with your fingertips?

5) VERB If you try to reach someone, you try to contact them, usually by telephone.

[V n] Has the doctor told you how to reach him or her in emergencies?...

[V n] If I see her, I'll tell her you've been trying to reach her.

6) VERB If something reaches a place, point, or level, it extends as far as that place, point, or level.

[V to n] ...a nightshirt which reached to his knees...

[V n] The water level in Lake Taihu has reached record levels...

[V n] Eventually those ideas should reach the capital city.

7) VERB When people reach an agreement or a decision, they succeed in achieving it.

[V n] A meeting of agriculture ministers in Luxembourg today has so far failed to reach agreement over farm subsidies...

[V n] They are meeting in Lusaka in an attempt to reach a compromise.

8) N-UNCOUNT: oft poss N Someone's or something's reach is the distance or limit to which they can stretch, extend, or travel.

Isabelle placed a wine cup on the table within his reach.

...a heavyweight who possesses a longer reach and more strength.

...long-handled shears, secateurs and long-reach tree pruners.

9) N-UNCOUNT If a place or thing is within reach, it is possible to have it or get to it. If it is out of reach, it is not possible to have it or get to it.

It is located within reach of many important Norman towns, including Bayeux...

The clothes they model for Littlewoods are all within easy reach of every woman...

These products are normally bought and stored carefully out of reach of children...

The price is ten times what it normally is and totally beyond the reach of ordinary people.

English dictionary. 2008.

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